Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Cannabis Vote

The Pro-Pot movement is growing rapidly in the United States. Yesterday, the voting day for the entire country, two states, Colorado and Washington voters have completely legalized marijuana for recreational use, and here in the Bay State of Massachusetts, we have voted for medical use of marijuana.

Now, obviously we know about Obama's drug war that he has implemented in his last term in office. Raiding countless dispensaries in California, even though they are legally selling the marijuana to patients who use it to improve their lives and health. I would hope that now more states are moving eagerly towards the use of medical marijuana, Obama will lighten up to the idea of the use of the plant and the plant's products, even though it is still currently against federal law.

The countless studies about the wonderful Mary Jane have proven that it can reduce cancer cells, relieve nerve pain, arthritis pain, reducing the pressure behind the eye from glaucoma, and as us tokers know, relief from lack of appetite i.e. the munchies that we all love. It only makes sense to legalize this wonderful plant in the entire country, to further the research of the amazing uses of marijuana.

In this awesome state of very diverse people, there are few things that we can mostly agree on. But in this cannabis culture, it does not matter what your race, skin color, or heritage is because we all enjoy the great effects of Tetra-hydro-cannabinol (THC), the active chemical in marijuana that gives it the amazing properties. When combined with our complex minds, THC triggers the release of a chemical called Dopamine, giving smokers/consumers of THC product, whether it be through the natural green, or cooking with cannabis, the amazing sensations. 

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