Thursday, November 8, 2012

College Students & Snow Fall

Skiing kitty doesn't give a... 
Time to hit the slopes! Yesterday, we got our fist real snowfall of the season, the greatest day of the entire year for me, marking the upcoming skiing and boarding season in New England. It was quite amusing to watch my fellow classmates react to this weather. The student population at Becker College is very diverse, spanning from other sides of the country. For some, this was their first snow in their entire life.

A hall mate of mine, in particular, is from southern California. She stepped outside of our hall as I was walking in, running out into the snow with a massive smile across her face, much like a younger, youthful child would. This made me remember what it was like to see the snow for the first time in a long year as a child, the innocence involved in it that I know was very influential on my childhood. I feel for those who were not able to experience the wonderful event of a blizzard as a child. To me there is nothing better than going outside in the midst of an extreme snow storm, no one outside but other people enjoying the weather, few cars, snow ball fights, snow forts, and the best part of all: days off from school!

I realize that with winter comes a lot of work and damage for many people, but it is a wonderful time of year no the less.

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