Friday, November 16, 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic Goes Free To Play!

So, I'm sure everyone has heard of the Star Wars MMORPG that was due to contend with the World of Warcraft franchise. Star Wars: The Old Republic was released on December 20, 2011... and the servers crashed very shortly after... And now went free-to-play as of yesterday, less than a year after the release.

As most know, I am a huge fan of Star Wars in general, but, being a college kid and not having so much excess money for games that charge monthly, was never able to play much of it except for few short times at friends' houses. I personally am very excited to play this game (downloading and playing it as I write this blog post and cannot wait for it to finish) 
If MMORPG's are your thing or you're a Star Wars fan, or both, you should really consider playing this, I mean what is there to lose, its free!


  • IGN gave it a score of 9/10 and the IGN Editor's Choice
  • G4tv gave it a score of 5/5 
  • Gameinformer gave it a score of 9.5/10
You can download it on this site and the install is fairly straight forward:

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